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If you send me any email let me know your

  • Opinions
  • Current issues/topics about Plymouth
  • Suggestions on how we can improve the future of Plymouth
  • What is currently working for Plymouth and why
  • What does not work for Plymouth, needs changing and why​
  • Most anything on your mind or the minds of neighbors regarding the city we all love


I am very interested in your opinions/views/experiences/thoughts/suggestions about any of the following:

  • Leaf  pickup and chipping of tree trimmings in residential areas
  • City services (especially interested in the positive experiences)
  • ​Child safety in neighborhood
  • Greater inclusion of OldTown/Old Village into the culture of Plymouth.
  • The fountain in Kellogg park downtown.
  • Diversity or lack of small retail business storefronts.
  • Ambience of city​ (comfort, safety, homeyness, et cetera)
  • ​Are there to many restaurants in downtown?
  • Do you use the PARC facilities and if so which ones?
  • The alliance of Plymouth City with the Township of Plymouth 
  • Passing a less than 1 mill tax to support PARC
  • ​Current transparency of Plymouth city government (Are you satisfied?)
  • Senior bus transportation schedules and ease of use
  • Too many festivals/events/happenings downtown ( or not enough)?
  • Traffic/parking in downtown
  • Changing ambience/quaintness/home town feeling of Plymouth
  • Condition of residential roads
  • Home prices that are prohibiting start up families from moving into Plymouth.
  • Keeping the city trash containers empty especially on a Friday before weekend events.  Are there enough containers downtown?
  • Street markings/striping and signage .
  • The proliferation of home tear-downs and the increased trend in "WalkUps"
  • Should we be friendlier to bicyclists?
  • Previous decisions by the City Commission
  • Where do we go from here?
  • What are the many features you love about Plymouth and of course, why you moved here.
  • These are a few but I'm sure you could think of more.  I want to hear from you.


​An email from you about any of the above would be most appreciated.   Whatever you send WILL NOT be posted anywhere or shared with anybody (unless you give me written permission).   Also, please DO NOT state negatively any names.  However do address issues past, present and future.  Please stay with an issue, idea or opinion and not a name.