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A list of a few of my positions and thoughts regarding Plymouth 

  • Old Town is an important part of Plymouth with its own character.  This needs to be preserved while being included within the structure and culture of Plymouth.
  • Increase and improve citizen knowledge of and involvement in city government.
  • Increase the community awareness of  "The Plymouth Community Council on Aging" and all it can provide to Plymouth.
  • Protect the quality of life in our community. This is best done by collecting, organizing and analyzing information from residents and businesses and then prioritizing decisions based on need and resources.
  • Maintain the new healthy working environment established by the Plymouth City Commission with Plymouth Township.  
  • Thoughtful and measured economic development that addresses the needs of existing businesses and those interested in locating their business to Plymouth.
  • Continue the business friendly environment (within reason). 
  • Continue to review the expansion and then determine the city's benefits of increasing the number of  liquor licenses (mainly within the downtown).
  • Expanding, changing and yet stabilize the city's view of our neighborhoods.
  • Encourage the sustaining of affordable housing (smaller homes, apartments) in order to enhance the diversity of our population (racial, ethnic, age, family size and income).
  • Somehow encourage a greater diversity of businesses throughout our community.
  • Continue to encourage citizen involvement with any and all organizations within the city and city government.
  • Support and Assimilate PARC into the culture of Plymouth.
  • Continue Plymouth as the Destination City to live in and/or visit. 
  • Complete the Saxton's project to the satisfaction and benefit of Plymouth residents.
  • Review the pros and cons of a Kellogg park redesign (if needed).
  • Downtown parking
  • Educate as best as possible Plymouth citizens on how the Headlee Amendment and Proposal A handcuffed the City's budget and then limited municipal services.