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A list of a few of my views and thoughts about Plymouth 

  • Increase and improve citizen knowledge of and involvement in city government.
  • Continue senior services that encourage healthy lifestyles, recreational opportunities and transportation services. 
  • Protect the quality of life in our community. This is best done by collecting, organizing and analyzing information from residents and businesses and then prioritizing based on need and resources.
  • Maintain the working environment established by the Plymouth city council with Plymouth Township.  
  • Thoughtful and measured economic development that addresses the needs of existing businesses and those interested in locating their business to Plymouth.
  • Continue the business friendly environment. 
  • Expanding and changing the city's view of our neighborhoods.
  • Encourage the sustaining of affordable housing (smaller homes, apartments) in order to enhance the diversity of our population (racial, ethnic, age, family size and income).
  • Somehow encourage a greater diversity of businesses throughout our community.
  • Improve/enhance the alliance with Plymouth Township. 
  • Continue to encourage citizen involvement with any and all organizations within the city and city government.
  • Assimilate PARC into the culture of Plymouth.
  • Continue Plymouth as the Destination City to live in and/or visit. 
  • Complete the Saxton's project to the satisfaction and benefit of Plymouth residents.
  • Review the pros and cons of a Kellogg park redesign (if needed).
  • Downtown parking
  • City budget
  • Old Town is an important part of Plymouth with its own character.  That needs to be preserved while being included within the culture of Plymouth.